Design Matter II


Can we turn a problem into an opportunity?
Could our own waste be a potential resource to improve our environment?

It is necessary to reduce our energetic and material consumption and this balance could be improved if we can give our waste a new life.

This project has started as a real collaboration with the municipality of Aarhus. We are in contact with the energy and waste municipal company (Kredsløb) and the city architect (Dr. Anne-Mette Boye) who has been our guest crit at the final presentation in February 2023.

Last semester we have developed 8 different projects for playgrounds out ow urban waste in the city of Aarhus. This knowledge enriched by the research of the Colab staff during the semester break will be the starting point for our second course in Summer Semester 2023.

Our research has two main research lines: on the one hand we have to optimize the recycling process of the selected material, on the other hand we want to imagine how this recycling process could provide a real intervention on the public space of a neighborhood in Aarhus. These twoapproaches should be connected and therefore the final products shall be influenced both by the spatial and functional requirements of a specificneighborhood, but also by the properties of the waste to be recycled.

In this second semester we aim to define the waste recycling process and detail a public space where a playgrounds and social activity can take place. The goal of this seminar is to develop a playground with a geodesic dome made out of recycled plastic that can host public activities. The aim is to build a real project in the third semester.

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