Bamboo Belt Union

Forest to City, City to Forest

With a focus on material circularity and its prefabricated construction approach, the Bamboo Belt Union (BBU) aspires to study and develop engineered bamboo for use in the construction of affordable housing where bamboo is the native species. With a focus on bamboo materials and city building, it will launch regional initiatives to address various links in the value chain from forest to city. In order to maximize resource management in compliance with the UNEP framework, we will apply the Value Chain Approach to pinpoint strategic intervention hotspots. 

Why Bamboo?

Due to its shorter crop rotation, bamboo grass is able to accelerate carbon storage at a faster pace than wood, making it an attractive material in line with the UN’s SDG goals to increase the circularity of biogenic materials in the construction industry. In particular, engineered bamboo is more resilient, has higher product value, and helps the local economy expand. The Bamboo Union facilitates local challenges to global trends and creates a platform for cooperation between different projects through geospatial data analysis and interactive international scenario gamification workshops (the Urban Gallery), with a focus on linking engineered bamboo materials to urban buildings.

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