Plastic pollution is a pressing environmental issue that threatens wildlife and ecosystems worldwide. Its non-biodegradable nature leads to massive waste accumulation, harming marine life and landscapes. The generation of new plastic must be restricted and meanwhile we must deal with the problem that represents all the existing plastic waste. The problem could turn into an opportunity. Innovatively repurposing plastic waste into architectural structures presents a promising solution to all that waste. This approach not only gives plastic waste a long-lasting life, preventing the unnecessary waste of new raw materials, but also removes harmful waste from the environment. Using architecture as a storage for those damaging wastes, we can keep them away from the natural environments, protecting wildlife and ecosystems, until science finds out a better way of getting rid of it.

During the “Plastic!” seminar we will continue the work started in the Design Matter seminars, developing manufacturing methods for the fabrication of construction systems that allow the production of self-supporting architectural structures made from plastic waste from our own cities.

1st meeting: 16th April 10:00 at CoLab Factory (A 204B)

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