Behind Closed Doors

“A place of solitude”, “The last refuge” or simply “The quiet place”. A toilet is not only a necessity for the daily business. It is also a mirror of our environment, it reflects society in various ways and has the potential to be a very distinctive architectural statement.

The Berlin Brandenburg Airport intends to make an intervention in the sanitary spaces and is going to collaborate with the TU Berlin to find ideas for its future facilities.

_Why do airports belong to the generic category of non-places with a lack of identity?

_Where does the significance and meaning of a space lie?

_Beyond functionality we would like to reflect on the contextualiza tion of these generic spaces. What makes a space inherit the spirit of a place?

This is also an occasion to reflect on our commitment to our environment, precisely in an infrastructure that is at the center of the environmental de- bate. Is it possible to take advantage of the waste generated in this place to shape the new sanitary facilities?

We have planned a series of two seminars which will lead to the refurbishment of the sanitary facilities at BER Airport.

weekly meetings, Tuesdays at 13:00 – 15:00 at CoLab factory room 204b


If you are interested in participating please send an email to


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